Storage Space In Abundance

If you’re the organised type, then you’ll know that one of the huge advantages of owning a caravan would have to be the fact it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. You grab some food, clothes, a good book… and you’re off! That’s why having a Sportscruiser Caravan with an abundance of smart storage cupboard space makes sense. There is enough room to have all of the caravan living lifestyle requirements packed away at an arm’s length. Be it extra towels - linen - bathers - can of baked beans - headache tablets and maybe even some spare tackle for a spot of fishing. You never know what you might have forgotten to pack, and or night run out of a long way from a shop. With loads of internal cupboard space - 100% storage room under the beds and external hatches for outside living…. your stress free recreational experience just became more stress free!