Easy To Use

Ease-a-bility is the word thrown around by our customers (be it a made up word at that!). Having a caravan at a length of 18ft - with such a low over all weight, and - being so easy to manoeuvre around…. is a recipe we’ve formulated that simply seems to suit so many of us perfectly (& rarely able to be achieved in caravan manufacture today)! Combine that with the Use-a-bility (that’s also a word!) & convenience at having what you need - when you need it and at arms reach. Every single nook & cranny on the Sportscruiser Caravan has been efficiently designed for a particular purpose and process. Once again, Sportscruiser Caravans is a niche, family owned Queensland business - that understands exactly what is required in a caravan, to deliver the best experience possible. The reason we know this…. is because we are caravan enthusiasts ourselves. It’s Ease-a-bility all the way!