Separate Toilet & Shower

Sportscruiser Caravans takes pride in the fact we love good feedback from our customers on how to improve our quality in design. That’s why the 1800 CROSS COUNTRY has the toilet and shower separate! Believe it or not, it isn’t just because of the extra room we crave in the ensuite shower cubicle (Sportscruiser Caravans has one of the largest shower cubicles available) that the decision was made to separate the toilet and shower. It was a clever comment from a previous client that pricked our ears - she didn’t want the issue of wet socks after using a toilet - that so commonly comes with the territory of traditional combined toilet & shower combo’s. Combine that with a one-piece fiberglass shower cubicle (one piece = no joins = no leaks) that is trouble free to clean, and life can’t get much easier.