Packing & loading your caravan

Packing & Loading Your Caravan

Packing and loading your caravan The best way to load a caravan has been (and still is!) a very contentious issue. There are so many conflicting stories, made worse by a lack of regulation or rules to abide by and contrasting opinions. As you can see, there are many issues that come into play!  Here at Sportscruiser […]

Protecting the front of your Caravan

Protecting the front of your Caravan

The front of your caravan is prone to some terrible damage from rocks being thrown at it via the tow vehicle and also on coming traffic. At the end of the day – your caravan is your home and it’s an asset we would like to protect where possible.  This is where here at Sportscruiser Caravans, […]

What’s the true Life Span of your Caravan batteries?

Sports Cruiser Caravan Battery

The heading asks it all…. “How long will I get out of the batteries in my caravan before I need to replace them?” It’s a valid question and rarely is there a valid answer given!   When you think about it – the batteries are one of our biggest investments in our caravans. We rely on […]