Why Choose Sportscruiser Caravans

The Family behind Sportscruiser Caravans

Our Story

Joel – Owner/factory manager

Husband, dad and lover of the great Australian outdoors. Joel has been the factory manager at Sportscruiser Caravans since 2012. With years of experience in the RV industry and a lifetime of learning about fibreglass from his dad. He and his team are proud to provide an ever-improving product of the highest quality, building on the solid foundations laid before them.

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Genuine and from the heart

Our Philosophy

We see Sportscruiser Caravans a lot like Snow Skiing. The general plan is to get to the bottom of the mountain in once piece and have a lot of fun at the same time. But what we actually end up focusing on, is making each and every turn on the journey as good as you can. When we do that - our experience is so much more rich for it!

Locally owned and operated

Our Community

Community is at the heart of Sportscruiser. We strongly believe in supporting the community through utilizing as many local businesses as we can, employing locals and using local services to create the highest quality caravans possible. Not only does this help with quality control, we are also supporting the Australian manufacturing industry and in particular, small businesses. 


For those of you aware of the value supporting locally can deliver… you’ll most definitely appreciate this.

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