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Sportscruiser Caravans have always been proud to support local business. Owner, Joel began working at Sportscruiser in 2013 and purchased the company in 2019 with a vision to create a 100% locally manufactured caravan with stringent quality control to create top quality, safe and innovative caravans. Since 2020, we are proud to say that our caravans are all custom built and manufactured locally here in South East Queensland and we are regularly using and supporting over 50 local businesses to achieve this.

“Supporting locals improves our local economy -

we know and trust the people we deal with -

they supply better personalised service and….

 we have more skilled people delivering better quality products.

Best of all, that quality is transferred directly to our clients,

 and the benefit everyone receives is a far better safe - secure and

enjoyable experience!”

The Metal Shed

There are 3 core benefits that The Metal Shed & Sportscruiser Caravans have in common & they are:

I don’t need tell you that it is the end users that are the direct recipients from this long term partnership (ie: Sportscruiser Caravans long term loyal clients) and that comes in the form of a wonderful 'Getaway Camping & Caravanning Experience!’ The Metal shed originally opened their doors back in year 2000 and it was in 2011 that Gail and Craig Lambert…. along with their son Mark, purchased the business to take it forward into the modern world. Its the family values the Lamberts hold that really sets The metal Shed apart from the norm and that is reflective in their personalised service. They love nothing more than sitting down with a client one on one & designing bespoke products that have never been seen or manufactured before. In fact to quote Craig, “90% of our product built is uniquely custom built & designed to suit the individual customers needs and wants!” That’s why Sportscruiser caravans uses The Metal Shed - to manufacture items like the Cross Country Upgrade aluminium trunks - rear wheel carriers and plethora of sundry brackets - fittings and customised adaptions.

Bent Plastics

Dave & Nic Cunningham @ Bent Plastics.

Dave & Nic Cunningham are a husband and wife team based right here on the Sunshine Coast. In fact, they are literally located 100mtrs down the road from Sportscruiser Caravans HQ (it’s perfectly convenient!) They’ve been living on the coast (with their 2 daughters) for many years and they took over Bent Plastics back in 2005 - which was originally started back in 1998! (we love local family businesses that stand the test of time!). Bent plastics do just about every conceivable thing in plastic/s you can think of and it is here where Sportscruiser Caravans uses their expertise. 

One of the core benefits of Sportscruiser Caravans is the fact they are light weight and whilst this weight reduction is for many reasons… it is due to Dave & Nic @ Bent Plastics, where some of that magic really happens. As a stand out example - Bent Plastics have custom designed and manufactured (in house) a lightweight & ‘super strong’  acrylic shower/ensuite door to replace the previous heavy glass door.  The end recipient of this improvement is the end user!

It was the personal service Dave and Nic initially gave Sportscruiser Caravans, that started the relationship off to begin with. Having the opportunity to be able to sit down, talk to people who passionately own and run their own business and most importantly… finding a solution to a problem (ie: reducing the weight - increasing the strength etc..) was exactly the type of quality Sportscruiser likes to put into the Caravans!

Enerdrive Dometic

Enerdrive (now owned by Dometic) is an amazing company, leading the Australian Caravan and Touring RV market in technology when it comes to off-grid power and energy systems. Originally started in 2003 under the banner of Advance Trident Ltd - Chris McClellan purchased the business in 2008 and re-named it Enerdrive. Enerdrive was acquired by the Dometic organisation in May of 2021. That’s part of the intrinsic value we love about Enerdrive… they started as a small family business in Queensland! Sportscruiser Caravan’s use a complete lithium battery-driven energy system in their ‘Cross Country Upgrade’ models that were developed in conjunction with Enerdrive. In essence, it is a self-perpetuation energy system that allows you to be off-grid (away from the hustle and bustle of condensed crowds touring) and offers you the freedom of a secluded back to nature experience (ie: makes life easier - stress-free - more relaxing and enjoyable when traveling). A quality company - with quality values that Sportscruiser Caravans is proud to be partners with!

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Cruisemaster suspensions have an incredible story. Established by the Goddard family, who ran the business for 3 generations and could trace their engineering routes to the initial development of the original Land Rover. They are based right here in Brisbane. Cruisemaster are now regarded by many as Australia’s best independent Caravan & Camper Trailer suspension providers and service agents. Valuing strength and quality above all else, Sportscruiser Caravans chose Cruisemaster to provide, fit and service all suspension to our specifications. They provide this, complete with a National wide warranty service - Cruisemaster are a wonderful partner of Sportscruiser Caravans!

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In 1925 Electrolux (A then growing appliance company) acquired a company called Arctic. Arctic had not long invented & patented a cabinet that had a cooling system with in it, which innovatively required the use of heat to cool (Albert Einstein himself called it a stroke of genius!). Electrolux grows from strength to strength & finds their way into manufacturing for the leisure market creating the now known brand called Dometic (for it’s leisure appliance division). Here we are all these years later and Dometic is leading the world in making Mobile Vehicle Leisure products. In fact, their tag line says it all: Mobile Living Made Easy!” Sportscruiser Caravans have partnered with Dometic because of their incredible quality products like gas refrigeration - air conditioners & quick erecting Awnings…. to name a few. With the most amazing serving network both Australia & World Wide, you can be assured that you’re covered no matter where you are.