Having comfort in a caravan is all about making life more enjoyable for us.
It’s the ideal of relaxation, convenience, and having the ability to enjoy the comforts of home… ‘ when we are far from it!’
What makes Sportscruiser Caravans so unique - is the fact they are Jam Packed with so many lifestyle comforts in such a small compact unit. Rarely achieved in Caravan manufacturing today, Sportscruiser Caravans have been able to achieve this superbly!

Temperature Control

Australia’s climate is just so diverse. Based here on the Sunshine Coast in Spring - one DAY you are camping at the seaside sweating in the heat and humidity, the very next day you take a 5 hour drive inland and you’re waking up freezing with a frost and a sub zero temperature! Being able to regulate the temperature inside your Sportscruiser Caravan with reverse cycle airconditioner that can cool or heat is now at the touch of a button. With the quality and reliability of a global manufacturer like Dometic you’re in good hands!

Flushing Toilet

There really doesn’t need to be much said here… it’s all self explanatory! Being able to enjoy the privacy and convenience of your very own flushing toilet no matter where you are, makes life an absolute pleasure! Sportscruiser caravans only use the world renowned Thetford RV toilets. Easy to empty - spare parts easily accessible Australia wide (in fact, many of their spare parts haven’t changed in years), and high quality, with a proven track record with years of manufacture under their belt.


The shower cubicles in the Sportscruiser Caravans have been designed with our customers best interest and convenience in mind. Bucking the current design trend, they have produced an ‘oversized’ ensuite cubical in the 1800 models giving you loads of room to move freely and comfortably. The 1600 model has an oversize combined shower toilet unit. Not only that, these cubicals have been specifically designed in-house (by people who use caravans) and have been built as a one piece rounded fibreglass construction. No joins means no leaks and also makes for a much easier (and therefore quicker) surface to clean. Smart design!

Washing Machine

This is an option in the Sportscruiser 1800 (standard in the Cross Country Upgrade) that really does give you the comfort of home, whilst out on the road. Tucked away out of sight in a cupboard, this unit does everything you need, with the spin dry option included. Now this is a lifestyle comfort that oozes ‘convenience’ and definitely makes life more enjoyable!

Where we are Today


Nothing says comfort more than the word relax! And one of the best ways to relax is by having peace of mind - ie: know that you and your belongings are safe and secure. All doors, hatches and windows are lockable on the Sportscruiser Caravans and this even includes a security mesh door. Allowing you to safely and securely ventilate your Sportscruiser Caravan if you’re out for the day. Worry no more!

Oven Cooking

When we’re away camping in our caravan, we all love the taste of a camp oven roast over the hot coals of a fire. But when the rain sets in - or, we’re in a campground / caravan park that doesn’t allow fires, Sportscruiser Caravans have come to the rescue with a built in gas oven (1800 model) with the option for an induction cooktop. A warm roast, grilled cheese on toast or maybe even some baked chops… it’s another lifestyle comfort of home that makes your caravanning experience so much easier!

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