Innovative Wall panelling (lightweight)

Welcome to the new world of innovative caravan construction. Sportscruiser caravans are made with a composite panel of sandwich foam and fibreglass construction for walls, roof and floor. Why? It is first and foremost impeccably strong and super lightweight. Not only that, it’s waterproof, it doesn’t rot, is easy to repair (fibreglass and panel shops), insulates (acoustically and thermally), is flame retardant, and is reinforced with aluminium inserts where required, for superior build quality. Years ahead of the old world cladded and framed caravans of yesteryear… Pair this with our fully engineered, purpose built, Australian made steel chassis and you can tackle Australia's vast and varied terrain with confidence.

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of Sportscruiser Caravans and it’s something we simply do not sit still with! As the saying goes, ‘if you're sitting still - you’re going backwards! We see innovation as the catalyst to delivering a better product in every way possible, and in turn - this will deliver our clients a better caravanning experience time and time again!

Innovative Lithium Power

Now available from one of our core Energy System suppliers - Enrdrive, is the latest in Lithium battery systems. Available as an option on all caravans (and standard on the Cross Country Platinum Upgrade), lithium batteries have 3 main benefits:

They are so much lighter weight than traditional lead based batteries. (reducing caravan weight)

More power storage for their size (longer run time than a traditional lead based battery of equivalent physical size)

Will last longer and are therefore better value for money long term! Lithium batteries can have upwards of 3 times the charge cycles of standard lead based batteries (this is the amount of time they can be charged {topped up with power} and discharged {run down}). It’s not too uncommon for Lithium batteries to last 2 or 3 times longer than that of a conventional lead based battery.

Innovative Lighting

L.E.D lighting is not a new thing anymore. We all know how bright they are - how efficient on power they are, and of course…. how long they last with little to no maintenance. However, how we turn them on and off has become very innovative in todays world. Many of the L.E.D Lights in the Sportscruiser Caravans have sensors built into them - by which you just need to hover your hand or finger over (or near) to activate. Great if you’ve got wet or dirty hands and even easier with less to clean. Smart technology!

Innovative Protection

3M developed a highly innovative product for the armed forces that was designed to protect the blades of helicopters from damage caused by sand and stones in the deserts. It’s a clear, high impact resistant film that Sportscruiser Caravans now lines the front of their Caravans with. It’s designed to protect the front of the caravan from rocks, stones and debris thrown fiercely from the tow vehicles tyres. This clear film also has removed the use (and requirement) of checker plate aluminium from being used on the front of caravans (which can throw sun reflection straight into the eyes of both oncoming drivers and via rear / side vision mirrors in the transport vehicle (safety first!)).

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