Made for Australian Roads


Style, comfort and utmost efficiency

1600 Cross Country

The 1600 Cross Country caravan was designed with the utmost efficiency, safety, convenience and comfort in mind. At only 16 ft in length, it is perfectly suited to those who genuinely value the benefits of being light weight, compact and easy to manoeuvre…. yet love the luxuries and comforts for up to two people, rarely found in a caravan this size. The minute the 1600 Cross Country leaves the factory floor, it has everything you need to hop in and travel Australia in comfort.

Aluminium A Frame Storage Box

Size does matter when it comes to comfort

1800 Cross Country

The 1800 Cross Country is by far our most popular Sportscruiser Caravan. In precise measurements… it is actually 800mm longer than the 1600 Cross Country. Which doesn’t sound like much, however that small increase in extra space delivers exceptional added comforts, allows improved internal living design and provides an overall enhanced experience we want to enjoy. To dangle a carrot… that includes a separate toilet & shower ensuite - increased cupboard space and the luxury of an island bed (ie: no more climbing over each other to get up in the middle of the night!)

Room for everyone

Cross Country Family Van

Introducing the Sportscruiser Caravans 1800 Cross Country Family Van. Built with families in mind, our expert engineers have designed this caravan to be shorter and narrower than most family caravans on the market, while still including the essential internal toilet and shower. The well-considered design is tailored to suit families' needs, ensuring that every inch of space is utilised effectively... it just works. With uncompromising strength and quality, the Sportscruiser 1800 family van is the perfect off-road caravan for families seeking reliability and safety features without compromising on comfort and convenience. 

A Self Sufficient and Off-Grid recreational upgrade

Platinum Series Up-Grade

Looking to enjoy some of the best off-grid camping experiences Australia has to offer? Look no further than the Sportscruiser Caravans Platinum Upgrade package. The 'Platinum' upgrade includes our most popular optional extras in one convenient package, allowing you to camp off-grid for longer and experience more of Australia's stunning, more remote locations. Features of the package include ATX air suspension, extra water tank, drinking filter with tap, grey water system, underfloor stone protection, Power level #3 upgrade with extra solar, lithium batteries and inverter plus a bunch of smaller goodies too. Choosing the Platinum Upgrade package is the ultimate upgrade for off-grid camping, taking your camping experience to the next level. 

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