The family behind Sportscruiser Caravans


The family behind Sportscruiser Caravans

John Smallwood - Founder of Sportscruiser Caravans

An over energetic 70+ year old (who thinks he’s still 40). John grew up in the healthy lifestyle of competitive sailing as a young bloke. What does this have to do with caravans? Quite simply… a life experience of manufacturing with fibreglass & a fine attention to detail!

That starts the story of how he and his wife Wendy got into manufacturing Sportscruiser Caravans. “We couldn’t find the technical quality - modern day innovation in manufacture, or the functionality / practicality and efficiency that only a genuine caravan enthusiast would understand.” That and a love of the outdoors is where it all started. 

Joel – Owner/factory manager

Husband, dad and lover of the great Australian outdoors. Joel has been the factory manager at Sportscruiser Caravans since 2012. With years of experience in the RV industry and a lifetime of learning about fibreglass from his dad. He and his team are proud to provide an ever-improving product of the highest quality, building on the solid foundations laid before them.

“Needless to say, many years experience with Fibreglass manufacturing, repairing and modification - is in large part behind the structural integrity, attention to detail and the current innovative design you see in the Sportscruiser Caravans today.”

Where we are today

With the revolution of modern day ultra lightweight and super strong composite sandwich foam fibreglass construction, the caravan manufacturing industry has positively been transformed - with Sportscruiser caravans and the direct recipients (you…. our customers!) being the deserved beneficiaries. Believe it or not - this positions Sportscruiser caravans as a rare commodity and ahead of the market. All of the issues from old-world timber/alloy framed & cladded caravans of yesteryear are no longer a risk to Sportscruiser caravans an it’s users. We’re very proud of that! But it’s not just the quality of the innovative materials used here at Sportscruiser Caravans that makes them so good. It’s the wonderful user experience received in our caravans that is just as important. 

Real Reviews

"We spent one year looking and comparing Sportscruiser Caravans with everyone else and realised Sportscruiser were the best quality and designed caravans out there. Now we have had ours for 2 months and already done 8,000 kilometres of outback dirt and tarmac, we cannot fault this van. Well thought out, practical and tough. It was definitely worth the wait." Geoff and Judy

“Have had our van for nearly a year, absolutely love everything about it, attention to detail and workmanship is top shelf. Being fairly new to caravans I have had to make some enquiries about operation and functionality and every time the response has been quick and detailed,  so helpful. Totally recommend Sportscruiser.” Glen

"Joel and Jess and their team of craftsmen really know their stuff and take the time to build each van to a high standard. As a custom home builder, I think I can say these guys build quality vans." Geoff

"Thankyou for building us such an exceptional caravan.

We have recently returned home after taking it on an enjoyable 7 week trip to South Australia. Your well resolved design, attention to detail and construction quality ensured that the the van's performance met all our expectations. We are very happy customers." Wendy and Doug

“Smart caravan design usually always comes from someone that uses one themselves.”


What the future holds

Built from the ground up, we are committed to providing truly Australian Made caravans with the best in engineering qualities and manufacturing processes to ensure that we are deliver a top-quality product, known for its strength, reliability, amazing handling and an astounding extra load capacity of 500-800kg.  Add to this an unbelievable amount of included extras, ensuring better value for money. We strive for continuous improvement. Our caravans should last longer, wear better, go further and continue to be a place for adventure and comfort.

“Kaizen - a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices on personal efficiency.”

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So, what's the Sportscruiser difference?

We create super safe, super strong, lightweight caravans with outstanding handling accross all Australian roads. With a van that is narrower than most, some say you can hardly feel you are towing at all. We are known for our high quality, innovation and personal customer service and we are most proud of the fact that we support other Australian businesses by sourcing all of our products and materials right here in Australia.