Protecting the front of your Caravan

The front of your caravan is prone to some terrible damage from rocks being thrown at it via the tow vehicle and also on coming traffic. At the end of the day – your caravan is your home and it’s an asset we would like to protect where possible. 

This is where here at Sportscruiser Caravans, we decided to look for something innovative that delivered a genuine and practical solution to a problem. We’ve all heard of the company called 3M and they have developed a highly innovative product for the armed forces that was designed to protect the blades of helicopters from damage caused by sand and stones in the deserts? It’s a clear, high impact resistant film that Sportscruiser Caravans now lines the front of their caravans with. It’s designed to protect the front of the caravan from rocks, stones and debris thrown fiercely from the tow vehicles tyres. 

This clear film also has removed the use (and requirement) of checker plate aluminium from being used on the front of caravans – which can throw sun reflection straight into the eyes of both oncoming drivers and via rear/side vision mirrors in the transport vehicle (safety first!). 

This clear film from 3M is super lightweight, maintains the Sportscruiser Caravan aesthetics (it’s virtually invisible!) and above all… it protects your asset.