The Cross Country Platinum Up-Grade is designed to give you a far better touring experience. It will get you away further - for longer, and with more comfort than ever before. In short…. the Cross Country series upgrade turns your 1600 or 1800 Cross Country Sportscruiser Caravan into a totally Independent - Self Sufficient and Off-Grid recreational holiday home with some really special additions. Now for those of you who love to be as far away from the maddening crowds as possible - the Cross Country Platinum Up-Grade means you’re able to enjoy the more remote - spectacular and rare natural wonders Australia has to offer…. for longer!

Lifestyle Comfort

Who says you can’t have the comforts of home in a caravan?


Strength Below

Built from the ground up - a solid foundation says it all!

ATX airbag suspension - platinum model or upgrade

Easy To Use

When a caravan is easier to use - you stress less and relax more

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Lasting Innovation

We live by the notion that if you’re not innovating, you’re not improving.



On our 1800 model, the suspension is upgraded to Cruisemaster’s absolute “top of the line” model – the Cruisemaster ATX Airbag suspension with onboard compressor and controls. This takes the already impressive Sportscruiser performance to an even higher level.

The many advantages of this ATX Air upgrade include:
On our smaller 1600 model, the suspension is upgraded to the Cruisemaster XT Airbag suspension with onboard compressor and controls. This increases the suspension capacity of the lighter van to 2500kg and gives the Sportscruiser 1600 Cross Country the same Airbag benefits noted for the 1800 above.


In short… ‘The power you need, when you want it! 12v and 240v’ The wonderful thing about touring this great country, is the diversity of the different situations - locations and environments we find ourselves in. That’s why the Cross Country Upgrade includes the Enerdrive manufactured (Located in Brisbane) - Total Power Management System. It doesn’t matter whether you are in town near mains power - or - out in the bush and away from everything for months at a time… you have all the power you need. Being totally automated, we take away the confusing stress of traditional caravan power systems by saying ‘If there is a power plug available - plug it in and it will work!’. Once again…. Sportscruiser Caravans are designed by people who use them, understand them and we are always improving them with technological innovation!


We all know what solar panels do - they simply harness the suns energy to create power for our caravan battery systems, and this allows us to run our power driven appliances (ie: phones - Tv’s - lights etc…). We believe you can never have too much power & the roofs of both the 1600 Tourer (300 watts of solar) and 1800 Tourer (400 watts of solar) are covered in the efficiency of solar panels. Without going into the over sold, and sometimes confusing detailed information, we have enough solar panel’s on our caravans to enjoy our household comforts where & whenever we want!


Getting further off-road - more remote and in more harsh Australian conditions, is the exact reason we created the Cross Country Upgrade in the first place. Whether it is the seemingly endless corrugations of unsealed roads, the peppering rocks continually thrown at the underside of your caravan - or - hitting the countless deep potholes formed by Australia’s unpredictable weather…. the vibrations ripping through your Sportscruiser caravan can be unforgiving!


To improve an already substantial Sportscruiser Caravan - we have gone the extra ‘improvement’ mile with the Cross Country Dampener Upgrades. Stronger cupboard latches - extra Internal cupboard reinforcing / brackets - underbody dampening mud-flaps and cable protection. Doesn’t sound like much… but they make all the difference to a stress and hassle free touring experience!


Increasingly becoming more prevalent in many of Australia’s National Parks & Naturally Protected area’s - is the legal requirement of Grey Water tanks for caravans. This purely means - all the water you use - must be captured and taken out of the area you are in. ie: from a protective environmental perspective, you cannot legally dump it on the ground! As you can imagine - looking after the environment is an absolute no brainer for Sportscruiser Caravans and was an easy inclusion to the Cross Country Up-grade! Enough said!


Even though the Cross Country Upgrades give us the ability to be off-grid - away from civilisation for longer and without the maddening crowds… we still like to have a few of life little luxuries. Items such as the large flat screen TV and the reverse cycle Air Conditioner are standard in all models. However, for those of you who enjoy the occasional News Update or favourite show while remore, Satellite capability is now a very real option. Also, whilst the Sportscruiser Caravans are manufactured from the latest ‘genuinely’ insulated Sandwich foam construction, there are still the occasional warmer nights. To save having to run an air conditioner (mass power saving), we have included two small 12 volt fans. Super quiet - minimal power consumption & just enough breeze to take the edge off… it definitely adds to an uninterrupted & rewarding night’s sleep