Easy to Enter

Because caravans are on wheels, they are up off the ground and this adds to the awkwardness of getting in and out of our caravan. I know it sounds a little silly, but the simplicity of a cleverly positioned grab handle to aid in our support makes using Sportscruiser Caravans a whole lot easier!

It’s not a single one item that makes Sportscruiser Caravans easy to use - it’s a number of little things that all add up to give you a total seamless, convenient and ‘easy to use’ experience (as you will see below).
So much of our easy to use inventions, ideas and products have come from feedback direct from you… our customers. Caravans designed by people who use them!

Easy to Open Cupboards

Have you ever tried to open many of the traditional ‘single pin’ caravan drawer or cupboard latches with wet hands? Your fingers can’t grip, they slide off and it can become frustrating (which makes most small and flush mounted knobs used in caravans today useless!). Sportscruiser Caravans use an easy grab, push and pull knob system. Ideal for people with arthritic fingers and or those who can’t be bothered drying their hands completely whilst in the kitchen every time they wish to open a drawer!

Easy to Access

All of the major electronics (chargers, batteries, inverters etc…) in a Sportscruiser are easy to access directly under the lounge. But that’s just the start of easy access - it is the simple and cleverly hinged electronics board that makes life easy! Based on customer feedback - Sportscruiser Caravans have recently made an upgrade by moving all electronics from sitting vertical on the walls (where they are hard to read [especially with glasses] -  to sitting flat and easy to read and work on). Such a simple, effective and smart design!

Easy to Tow

There are so many reasons that Sportscruiser Caravans are easy to tow. 

Three of the most important are

Most of the heavier weighted items in the Sportscruiser Caravans are positioned directly over (on top of or around) the wheels & and as low down as possible. It’s the safest place to position for weight, and we won’t compromise on this. At the end of the day, it’s the safety of our loved ones on the roads that counts!

Our caravans are lightweight and small. The bigger and heavier a caravan is, the more issues you have to deal with (ie: like braking earlier, taking longer to accelerate, dangerous cross winds etc…). The innovative lightweight sandwich foam/fibreglass composite wall panelling really delivers good value here.

The axle is approximately 7/10 or 70% back from the tow hitch and the ball weight is approximately 7% to 10% of the total loaded weight of the van. Research and international testing has shown this to give the most stable and safest tow.

Easy to use electronics

You only have to read caravan forums to realise there can be a lot of confusion around understanding the electronic set ups in so many caravans (too many plugs - too many different power sources, and too hard and confusing to swap and change from one to the other). Here at Sportscruiser Caravans, we have taken that onboard, we’ve rectified it and tried to make it as simple as possible. In fact, on our Cross Country Upgrade models we’ve implemented the design team at Enerdrive Electronics to create a power system that is totally automated for us (ie: it engages the power required from the external power source supplied automatically). At the end of the day, all you need to know is… ‘If the plug fits it, it will work for you.’ It’s as easy as that!

Victron Electronic System

Hot Water made easy

All Sportcruiser Caravan models include a combined gas & 240v hot water system. It automatically starts with the simple push of an electronic button, making for a very safe and easy to use system (no more issues with lighting gas by hand!). It’s just like at home… having the luxury of hot water means you can wash your hands, do the dishes, and have a shower whenever you want to!

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