The Sportscruiser 1800 Cross-Country Family Van has been designed with safety, space and functionality in mind to create an enjoyable travel experience with the family, no-matter the destination or duration. It has the functionality of bunk beds, in several configurations, or even an office that you can take with you. The Sportscruiser difference is that you get all this without sacrificing the generously spacious walkway which our customers love.

Lifestyle Comfort

Who says you can’t have the comforts of home in a caravan?


Strength Below

Built from the ground up - a solid foundation says it all!

ATX airbag suspension - platinum model or upgrade

Easy To Use

When a caravan is easier to use - you stress less and relax more

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Lasting Innovation

We live by the notion that if you’re not innovating, you’re not improving.



A good night sleep when travelling in your Sportscruiser Caravan is paramount. It ensures you wake up feeling great the next day and full of energy, ready to take on the days adventure! That’s why we make sure to use high quality, Australian made, high density foam mattresses in our vans. With practicality in mind there is not an ounce of room wasted, underneath this bed is 100% storage, using draws to ensure your things are easy to get to, without breaking your back.


At Sportscruiser, we understand that each family is different and do our best to meet your individual requirements. That’s why we offer multiple bunk configurations or even the functionality of an office space if you need it. It’s the design layout that really makes the difference. Even with a narrower than average caravan, making for easier towing, people still remark at the spaciousness of Sportscruiser caravans.


When it comes to caravanning, there is nothing better than the peace of mind we receive knowing we get to enjoy the privacy of our own personal flushing toilet and hot water shower. We don’t need to tell you that there is possibly no better feeling that having the ability to climb into bed feeling clean and fresh after a dusty days adventure in the Australian outback and to be able to wash your clothes as well, now that’s just luxury.


One of the greatest things about a Sportscruiser is how streamlined and spacious everything is. There is no squeezing down the walkway, and you’ll encounter no obstacles when opening your fridge. It’s these simple, yet practical elements which set Sportscruiser apart. The greatest thing is that you get this as well as a full kitchen, toilet and shower, washing machine, extra wash basin as well as more than ample storage space, which is so important, especially when bringing extra people on a trip. It really is like bringing your own luxury hotel room with you.


The Sportscruiser Family Van comes with the home comforts of a toilet, shower, air-con, TV, water tanks (240L capacity) and a full kitchen as STANDARD. Add solar panels, washing machine an extra water tank (giving you a total 300L possible carried water) as well as an inverter and dual lithium battery and you’ll be all set for remote off-grid camping. If you thought that it couldn’t get any better than that, we now have the option of an additional outdoor, slide out, full kitchen so you can enjoy that gorgeous view while cooking for the troops.





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